Personal & Economic Aid

Personal and Economical Aid

Personal Counseling Service
FGS students and Postdoctoral Fellows may take advantage of the free of charge personal counseling services provided by Ms. Orit Viterbo.

Ms. Viterbo, a trained and highly experienced clinical social worker, is at the disposal of the students: to listen and assist them in solving general personal problems and obviously those related to their FGS studies and WIS research. Discretion is assured in all contacts.  An appointment can be arranged by contacting Ms. Viterbo directly at:

Office: 08-934-4507
Cell: 054-263-9050

Please note that there are a number of progessionals who are fluent in languages orther then Hebrew and can provide councelling services [for a fee] >> see list.

Financial Assistance (students)
Students who face financial difficulties due to special circumstances (medical or others) may contact the FGS in order to seek assistance. The FGS has various options to offer students in need.


Only full-time MSc and PhD students may apply to the fund (one loan per each degree).


A student may apply for up to NIS 7,800.


The loan may be paid off within 36 months, or by the termination of studies (whichever comes first).


Applications must be signed and submitted in writing on a special form (see herein) to the Feinberg Graduate School.


All applications must be approved by the FGS Dean. Following the Dean's approval, the application will be sent to the Finance Division.


The Finanace Division will transfer the funds directly to the student's bank account.

Loan Application Form
Laon Agreement (up to NIS 6,600)
Loan Agreement (over NIS 6,600)

Aid Fund for Students and Postdoctoral Fellows in Medical Distress
Thanks to the generosity of one of the members of the academic staff, the FGS is able to grant monetary assistance to its full-time Ph.D., M.Sc. or Postdoctoral Fellows who find themselves or their families suffering from medical distress. Assistance will be given for the purpose of enabling the student to continue his/her studies in spite of these difficulties. With the exception of specific cases defined by the donor of this Fund, it will not be used for covering direct medical expenses. FGS students or their advisors may contact Ms. Orit Viterbo, WIS social worker at:  08-934-4507.

Aid Fund designated to facilitate smooth relocation for foreign postdoctoral fellows
Thanks to the generosity of one of the members of the academic staff, the FGS is able to grant monetary assistance to foreign Postdoctoral Fellows [mainly married and parents], in matters and difficulties concerning their relocation. WIS Postdoctoral Fellows or their mentors may contact Ms. Orit Viterbo, WIS social worker at:  08-934-4507.

Students and Postdoctoral Fellows with Special Needs
FGS is aware of and sensitive to students and Postdoctoral Fellows with special needs, and provides special arrangements to facilitate their studies. Students with learning disabilities, hearing problems, etc., may approach the Director of the School for more details and assistance.

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